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Welcome to Volante of Fort Myers, a serene haven where assisted living and memory care are interwoven with the vibrant threads of Florida’s charm. Our community, nestled near the heart of downtown Ft. Myers, is a picturesque retreat that mirrors the tranquil beauty of old Florida. Here, residents find solace in the rustic elegance of our grounds, complete with a historic barn and a nature preserve that invites peaceful contemplation. At Volante of Fort Myers, every day is an opportunity to experience a life enriched by our caring staff, engaging activities, and a commitment to comfort and joy. It’s not just a place to live—it’s a community that celebrates each day and cherishes the individual journey of each resident. Come, make yourself at home where care comes with a view, and memories are waiting to be made.

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Personalized Care for Everyone

At Volante of Fort Myers, we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual, honoring their personal preferences and needs. Our care plans are meticulously crafted, ensuring dedicated attention and support that’s as distinctive as each member of our community. Our adept care team, infused with the spirit of Fort Myers’ legacy of warmth, provides more than mere assistance—they provide a companionship that enhances the overall well-being of our residents. Through the invigorating activities of our “Empower Me” program and the thoughtful design of our memory care, we are committed to fostering the complete wellness of our residents — mind, body, and spirit.

Enjoyable amenities that feel like home

Conveniences That Enrich Your Lifestyle

At Volante of Fort Myers, our community is alive with activities that brighten the days of our memory care residents. The melody of music sessions and the friendly competition of game nights bring daily delights and connection. Our dining options are a feast for the senses, often accompanied by the vibrant buzz of live performances. With our memory care residents in mind, our Volante Voyage program offers the excitement of cultural exploration, all from the comfort and familiarity of our cherished community.

  • Salon/Barber
  • Restaurant Dining

  • Game Room

  • Library

  • Movie Theater

  • Housekeeping

  • Laundry Service

  • Pool & Cards Tables

  • Chapel or Religious Space

  • Full Kitchen or Kitchennette*

  • Expert Trained Staff

  • 24 Hour Staff

  • Courtyard

  • Garden & Gardening Area

  • Wellness Center

  • Emergency Support Device

  • Pet Friendly

  • Transportation Services

*only available in certain apartments

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Floor Plans

At Volante of Fort Myers, every space is crafted with the well-being of our residents in mind. Our private apartments are sanctuaries of comfort, designed with thoughtful features that blend safety with a touch of Florida charm. The communal areas are the heart of our community, inviting residents to connect and create lasting friendships. Here, every corner is an extension of home, where the companionship of pets is not just allowed but celebrated, adding to the joyous atmosphere that defines our community. It’s a place where residents live life to the fullest, surrounded by care, comfort, and the serene beauty of Fort Myers.


volante ft myers studio

Assisted Living


340 sq. ft.


volante ft myers one bedroom

Assisted Living

One Bedroom

610 sq. ft.


volante ft myers studio

Memory Care


320 sq. ft.

fort myers senior living

support with independence

Fort Myers Assisted Living

At Volante of Fort Myers, our assisted living program is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional care with a personal touch. Our residents enjoy a vibrant lifestyle, supported by a wellness team that’s always on hand to offer assistance and encouragement. Here, residents can savor the independence of their own apartments while being assured of comprehensive care that extends through life’s journey. Our promise of continuity means that once you make your home with us, it’s yours to keep, ensuring a graceful aging process surrounded by familiarity and unwavering support. It’s more than care—it’s a commitment to your comfort and well-being.

individualized care at every stage

Fort Myers, FL Memory Care

Memory care at Volante of Fort Myers is delivered with heartfelt compassion and expertise. We provide a nurturing environment that evolves with the needs of our residents, ensuring they feel supported at every stage of their journey. Our community is a sanctuary where individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory-related conditions can engage in activities that foster joy and a sense of accomplishment.

This idyllic space is perfect for gardening, leisurely strolls, or quiet moments of reflection. Our community is vibrant with activities that entertain and engage, from baking sessions that tantalize the senses to music that stirs the soul. We cherish the joy of shared experiences, whether it’s a scenic drive to the beach for ice cream or a bird watching excursion. At Volante of Fort Myers, every day is an opportunity to create cherished memories in a setting of serene beauty.

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We warmly invite you to discover the unparalleled care and lively spirit of Volante of Fort Myers. Come and see the serene elegance and dynamic community life that our residents adore. Find out for yourself why Volante of Fort Myers is more than a residence—it’s a home where hearts connect and memories are made.

Volante of Fort Myers
501 Hancock Bridge Pkwy.
Cape Coral, FL 33990
(239) 217-5900
Volante of Fort Myers

501 Hancock Bridge Pkwy.
Cape Coral, FL 33990

(239) 217-5900

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