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Welcome to Volante of Hanover, where the serenity of a close-knit community and the tranquility of a peaceful neighborhood come together to offer an unparalleled senior living experience. Nestled in the charming residential area known as The Bridges, our community is a haven of comfort and familiarity. At Hanover, we provide more than just a residence; we offer a lifestyle filled with warmth and engagement. Our community is enriched with joyful moments, from the shared laughter during our diverse activities to the connections made on beautiful walking trails. At Hanover (formally Inspired Senior Living of Hanover), we are devoted to creating an atmosphere that is not only welcoming but also a reflection of our commitment to fostering a sense of home and satisfaction for every resident.

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Tailored Care for Every Individual

At Volante of Hanover, we recognize the uniqueness of each individual’s journey and have designed our community to adapt and grow with you. Whether you’re embracing the independence of assisted living or benefiting from the specialized attention of memory care, our holistic approach to care ensures that your living space continues to be a tranquil and supportive haven for every stage of your life.

Engaging Activities for a Fulfilling Life

Amenities That Enhance Your Lifestyle

At Volante of Hanover, we’re committed to nurturing an active and engaging community that keeps our residents vibrant and connected. Our community thrives with a diverse range of activities, from morning exercise classes to afternoon bible studies and gardening clubs. Evenings are filled with joy, whether it’s through balloon volleyball, music interaction, or cooking demonstrations where residents can make their own pizzas. With a focus on staying active and engaged, there’s always something happening at Volante of Hanover to keep our residents involved and looking forward to each new day

  • Salon/Barber
  • Private Apartments*
  • Housekeeping

  • Laundry Service

  • Group Exercise Classes

  • 24 Hour Staff

  • OutdoorSpace

  • Emergency Support Device

*only available in certain units

Amenities at Hanover Senior Living


Floor Plans

At Volante of Hanover, every aspect is carefully crafted to ensure our residents’ comfort and well-being take center stage. Our studios are tranquil havens, offering spacious layouts that blend safety with the quiet allure of The Bridges neighborhood. The community areas are the warm heart of our home, where residents forge deep, meaningful connections. Each space is an inviting extension of home, resonating with the peaceful atmosphere of Hanover, ensuring that life’s golden years are honored and celebrated in an environment rich with care and elegance.


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Assisted Living


285 sq. ft.


Hanover Memory Care Studio

Memory Care


282 sq. ft.

Assisted Living In Hanover

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Assisted Living in Hanover

At Volante of Hanover, we cherish our refined assisted living environment, where personalized care and comfort are at the forefront. Our studios are designed with spaciousness and comfort in mind, featuring large bathrooms and ample closet space for that personal touch. Our devoted staff, deeply rooted in our community, deliver tailored care that exemplifies our commitment to each resident. We’re passionate about enhancing our residents’ lives, providing a variety of activities and services, from engaging exercise classes to creative cooking demonstrations, ensuring a lively and rewarding community experience

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Hanover Memory Care

Memory Care at Volante of Hanover is a nurturing and dynamic sanctuary tailored for those with memory impairments. Our approach is focused on innovative care, such as sensory-enhancing features to improve dining experiences and a holistic program that caters to the nutritional well-being of our residents. We provide engaging activities like gentle exercise classes, dancing, and music interaction, ensuring our memory care residents have enriching experiences every day. Our dedicated staff is trained to offer compassionate care and create a secure, stimulating environment, allowing each individual to thrive and enjoy a life filled with joy and fulfillment.

Memory Care of Hanover

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We warmly invite you to discover the exceptional care and inviting atmosphere of Volante of Hanover. Come and experience the tranquil comfort and engaging community life that our residents cherish. See for yourself why Volante of Hanover is more than a mere residence—it’s a home where hearts come together and unforgettable moments are created every day.

Volante of Hanover
10875 Settlers Ln. Hanover, MN 55341 (763) 463-0708
Volante of Hanover

10875 Settlers Ln.
Hanover, MN 55341

(763) 463-0708

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